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Talleff Nurse Consultants, LLC

We support the litigation team by applying professional nursing and health-related knowledge to the legal profession.

We collaborate in delivering efficient and effective medical analysis to health-related cases. 

What We Do

We provide a variety of medical and nursing consultation services for legal cases, which gives the litigation team a competitive medical advantage to their cases. Our expertise provides access to knowledge of the healthcare system, its inner-workings, and clarification of medical/nursing issues and terminologies in any case involving health, illness or injury.

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Judicious Legal Nurse Consultation

Medical or health-related cases call for medical knowledge, real-world experience, and clinical expertise. We are proud to consult with your litigation team as the medical insider and help you decipher and understand medical-related details, and develop powerful strategies to benefit your clients and cases. 

Our legal nurse consulting services provide your case a competitive medical advantage from screening to analysis to trial preparation, assisting you to produce the strongest case and achieve the best outcome for your client while saving you time and extra litigation costs. We deliver access to knowledge of the healthcare system, its subtle inner-workings, and clarification of medical and nursing issues and terminologies in any case involving health, illness, or injury.

Consulting on cases that include:

    Medical or Nursing Malpractice

    Personal Injury

    Workers’ Compensation / Workplace Injury

    Products Liability


    Toxic Tort 

    Any case where health, illness, or injury is the issue




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