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What We Can Do For You

Our services are customized to attorney and case specific needs. We collaborate with your litigation team to identify and customize services to meet the case’s unique needs.





Review and screen cases for merit or defense.

Identify, analyze, and translate relevant medical records.

Organize medical records, identifying missing or tampered records.

Recognize damages and causation: reviewing past medical history for pre-existing conditions, identifying contributory factors, and identifying potential defendants.  For medical malpractice cases - also assess duty and breach of duty.

Educate about relevant medical issues.

Identify adherences to and deviations from the standard of care in medical malpractice cases.

Develop a brief or comprehensive written analysis report in one or any combination of the following report formats: narrative, outline, chronological timelines, and charts. 

Assist in discovery: interrogatories, requests for production, and deposition preparation.

Identify and locate testifying experts.

Research authoritative medical and nursing standards of care.

Serve as a liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, parties, experts, and other consultants.

Attend Defense Medical Examinations.

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